The Elwha River Casino is a friendly, cozy destination located in the heart of the Elwha River Valley. The casino offers over 7000 square feet of FUN! With over 100 electronic slot machines and the River's Edge Deli, the Elwha River Casino is a fun place to meet your friends and enjoy a meal. Slots, gaming, gambling, win, restaurant, deli, Elwha river, meeting place, Olympic Discovery Trail, Olympic Nstional Park, food.

631 Stratton Rd, Port Angeles, WA 98363

 P 360.452.3005 | F 360.452.9318 | E

Sunday - Thursday:  Open 10AM - 2AM

 Friday - Saturday: Open 10AM - 4AM




Winter Schedule


Public Restroom (Sequim)

9:10 AM, 1:10 PM, 4:00 PM


Goodwill (Sequim)

9:15 AM, 1:15 PM, 4:15 PM


Walmart (Sequim)

9:20 AM, 1:20 PM, 4:20 PM


IGS Store (Port Angeles)

10:15 AM, 2:10 PM, 5:10 PM


Big Lots (Port Angeles)

10:30 AM, 2:25 PM, 5:15 PM


Heritage Center (Port Angeles)

10:40 AM, 2:30 PM, 5:30 PM


Red Lion (Port Angeles)

10:50 AM, 2:35 PM, 5:30 PM


West Rite-Aid (Port Angeles)

11:00 AM, 2:40 PM, 5:35 PM


(360) 452-3005


Please note:

Shuttle does not on operate Sundays in the winter (Dec 21st through  Mar 21st). Shuttle cannot accommodate wheelchairs or infant/child safety seats.


Shuttle departs Casino at:

12:00 PM, 3:00 PM, 8:00 PM


Shuttle arrives at Casino at:

11:20 AM, 3:00 PM, 6:00 PM




Darryl Barkley

Shuttle Driver

Michael Fellows

Shuttle Driver

Your Shuttle Drivers


You can count on our friendly, courteous drivers, Darryl Barkley and Michael Fellows to transport you safely to and from ELWHA RIVER CASINO.  Along with our regular shuttle route, we are happy to provide shuttle reservations for your group or party. Reservations are available to groups of 10 or more, for a 4-hour block. Please call 452-3005 x 114 to make a 48-hour advance reservation.

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